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Spring Airbag Training

Location: ​at ​Camp ​Fortune ​Alexander ​by ​T-Bar ​(T-Bar ​will ​not ​be ​running ​so ​lift ​pass ​is ​not ​required; ​you ​will ​be ​hiking) 

Mandatory ​Requirements: ​Proof ​of ​Insurance: ​Canfree ​1 ​& ​2 ​(CFSA) ​or ​equivalent ​must ​be ​uploaded ​as ​part ​of ​your ​registration. ​ 

Weekends, ​pd ​days ​and ​holiday ​airbag ​hours: 

Coaching ​Hours ​are ​9 ​am ​– ​2:30 ​pm; ​Bag ​Opens ​at ​10:30 ​am ​– ​2:30 ​pm, ​coach ​on ​snow ​9-10:30 ​am. 

Tuesday ​and ​Thursday ​airbag ​hours: 

Coaching ​hours ​are ​4:30 ​pm- ​7:30 ​pm ​on ​weeknights. 

Cost: ​ 
Spring ​Airbag ​Pass: ​$200 
One ​Day ​on ​Airbag: ​$65 
One ​Weeknight ​on ​Airbag: ​$50 

On ​weekends, ​pd ​days ​and ​holidays ​we ​need ​at ​least ​7 ​athletes ​signed ​up ​to ​open ​the ​airbag. 
On ​Tuesday ​and ​Thursday ​evenings ​we ​need ​at ​least ​5 ​athletes ​signed ​up ​to ​open ​the ​airbag. 

Available ​Dates: 
Sunday ​April ​7th ​- ​Open 
Monday ​April ​8th ​- ​Open ​(Quebec ​PA ​day) 
Tuesday ​April ​9th ​4:30-7:30pm- ​Open 
Thursday ​April ​11th ​4:30-7:30pm- ​Open 
Friday ​April ​12th ​ ​- ​Open ​(Ontario ​Public ​School ​PA ​day) 
Saturday ​April ​13th ​– ​Open 
Sunday ​April ​14th ​– ​Open 
Tuesday ​April ​16th ​- ​4:30-7:30pm ​- ​Open 
Thursday ​April ​18th ​- ​4:30-7:30pm ​- ​Open 
Friday ​April ​19th ​– ​Good ​Friday ​- ​Open 
Saturday ​April ​20th ​– ​Easter ​Weekend ​- ​Open 
Sunday ​April ​21st ​– ​Easter ​Weekend ​- ​Open 
Monday ​April ​22nd ​– ​Easter ​Monday ​- ​Open 
Tuesday ​April ​23rd ​- ​4:30-7:30pm ​- ​Open? 
Thursday ​April ​25th ​- ​4:30-7:30pm- ​Open? 
Saturday ​April ​27th ​– ​To ​be ​determined ​– ​Conditions ​of ​Jump? 
Sunday ​April ​28th ​– ​To ​be ​determined ​– ​Conditions ​of ​Jump? 

Trampoline Training

What do Freestyle skiers do when they are not skiing? 

They do TRAMPOLINE to develop agility, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness! Acrobatic skill development will prepare skiers for a successful water ramp season, and supports better skill progression and fitness for next ski season. Plus, trampoline is really FUN, especially with a group of ski friends :)

Fortune Freestyle members receive a special rate at Spring Action Trampoline on Monday and Wednesday evenings 7:30-9:00pm. All coaches are Air 2 Qualified to coach freestyle-specific on-axis and off-axis skills.

Note that all participants require a current Gymnastics Ontario Membership as well as their Freestyle Canada Membership.

Freestyle Ontario's Sapling Session

Try Freestyle in a fun and safe environment!

Are you an intermediate skier 7 and older who wants to improve their freestyle skills in the terrain park or moguls?

Then please join us for a Sapling Session!

When: March 16-17, 2019

Cost: $110 (Camp Fortune lift ticket not included) 

9:00 am-3:00 pm    


More information is available at Freestyle Ontario's website: Sapling Sessions.

March Break Camp

For New or Current Freestylerz! 

Our March Break camp is open to all youth who can ski the blue runs at Camp Fortune and is a great opportunity to introduce skiers to Freestyle disciplines. You'll have fun on the rails, boxes, jumps, moguls and technical skiing.


When: March 11-15, 2019

Cost: $205* 

Camp runs between 9:30 am-3:00 pm    


*Camp Fortune lift ticket not included and required. Canada Freestyle Can Free 1 & 2 license is mandatory for this camp and is available here.