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March Break Camp 2020

Spring Airbag Training 2020

For New or Current Freestylerz! 

Our March Break camp is open to all youth who can ski the blue runs at Camp Fortune and is a great opportunity to introduce skiers to Freestyle disciplines. You'll have fun on the rails, boxes, jumps, moguls and technical skiing.


When: March 16-20, 2020

Cost: $210 or $45 per day* 

Camp runs between 9:30 am-3:00 pm    


*Camp Fortune lift ticket not included and required. Canada Freestyle Can Free 1 & 2 license is mandatory for this camp and is available here.

To register click here.

Location: ​at ​Camp ​Fortune ​Alexander ​by ​T-Bar ​(T-Bar ​will ​not ​be ​running ​so ​lift ​pass ​is ​not ​required; ​you ​will ​be ​hiking) 

Mandatory ​Requirements: ​Proof ​of ​Insurance: ​Canfree ​1 ​& ​2 ​(CFSA) ​or ​equivalent ​must ​be ​uploaded ​as ​part ​of ​your ​registration. ​ 

Weekends, ​pd ​days ​and ​holiday ​airbag ​hours: 

Coaching ​Hours ​are ​9 ​am ​– ​2:30 ​pm; ​Bag ​Opens ​at ​10:30 ​am ​– ​2:30 ​pm, ​coach ​on ​snow ​9-10:30 ​am. 

Tuesday ​and ​Thursday ​airbag ​hours: 

Coaching ​hours ​are ​4:30 ​pm- ​7:30 ​pm ​on ​weeknights. 

Cost: ​ 
Spring ​Airbag ​Pass: ​$200 
One ​Day ​on ​Airbag: ​$65 
One ​Weeknight ​on ​Airbag: ​$50 

On ​weekends, ​pd ​days ​and ​holidays ​we ​need ​at ​least ​7 ​athletes ​signed ​up ​to ​open ​the ​airbag. 
On ​Tuesday ​and ​Thursday ​evenings ​we ​need ​at ​least ​5 ​athletes ​signed ​up ​to ​open ​the ​airbag. 

Available ​Dates will be listed in Team Snap.

To register click here.

Trampoline Training

What do Freestyle skiers do when they are not skiing? 

They do TRAMPOLINE to develop agility, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness! Acrobatic skill development will prepare skiers for a successful water ramp season, and supports better skill progression and fitness for next ski season. Plus, trampoline is really FUN, especially with a group of ski friends :)

Fortune Freestyle members receive a special rate at Spring Action Trampoline on Monday and Wednesday evenings 7:30-9:00pm. All coaches are Air 2 Qualified to coach freestyle-specific on-axis and off-axis skills.

Note that all participants require a current Gymnastics Ontario Membership as well as their Freestyle Canada Membership.

Freestyle Ontario's Sapling Session

Try Freestyle in a fun and safe environment!

Are you an intermediate skier 7 and older who wants to improve their freestyle skills in the terrain park or moguls?

Then please join us for a Sapling Session!

When: March 28-29, 2020 

Where: Camp Fortune

9:00 am-3:00 pm    

Registration coming soon!

More information is available at Freestyle Ontario's website: Sapling Sessions.

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