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Water Ramps

Fortune Freestyle organizes summer water ramp camps where athletes can safely practice skills on both trampoline and on skis into a pool. 

We are offering 4 camps in total all at the Centre Acrobatx in Beauport Quebec;  3 of the camps will be offered through Fortune Freestyle with our coaches and 1 directly through the Centre Acrobatx using their coaches.


Note there is fun water ramp competition the weekend of August 23rd to 25th at the Centre Acrobatx.  It is being highlighted since some Fortune Freestyle athletes will be attending.  Further details on the competition will be available closer to the date.

Athletes and their families are responsible to book their own travel and accommodations.

The camps dates are:

Fortune Freestyle Camp #1; Costs $350.00
3 day camp; July 12th, 13th, 14th .  

Fortune Freestyle Camp # 2; Cost $350.00 for 3 days or $450.00 for 4 days.

3 day camp August 16th, 17th, 18th or 4 day camp August 15th, 16th, 17th &18th .

Fortune Freestyle Camp # 3; Cost $350.00.
3 days camp August 30th, 31st and Sept 1st.  


Click here to register for these camps or go to the Register page on our website.

Camp #4 with the Centre Acrobatx;

Cost $317.00.
Week long camp Monday August 5th to Friday August 9th.
To register please follow the steps below:

Step 1; register your athlete by discipline using one of the links below.  Athletes must registered by discipline to ensure the proper coaching is available.

Moguls : « camps b2dix »

Slopestyle : « camps FreeX »

Step 2; send confirmation of registration with your athletes name to:<>


I will compile a list of athletes and work with the Centre Acrobatx to ensure our athletes are grouped together.  You must register for this camp as soon as possible but no later than April 21st.

Who should attend ramp camps:
* Athletes must have a valid CFSA membership. You have to renew your Freestyle Canada membership (This ski season year expires on June 30th).

* The athlete is comfortable with medium size jumps.

* The athlete should have a consistent take off (pop) and able to execute straights air with solid landings on smaller jumps.

* The training sessions are physically demanding; athletes are required to walk up the hill with their equipment, jump multiple times per session and engage in trampoline training in between jump sessions.  The athlete should have the physical and mental stamina needed to train for a long duration.

* The athlete is interested in practicing/training to improve their jumps for the coming season.

* The athlete is interested in working towards a jump that requires qualification before it can be attempted on snow (inverts, off axis tricks etc...)

Athletes will need:
* 1 or 2 pairs of skis.
* Ski Boots (poles are optional)
* Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved skiing helmet (not a bike helmet)
* Lifejacket (tres important!)
* Wetsuit (optional, but definitely recommended for cooler weather)
* Gloves (recommended if athlete is doing grabs - prevents cuts)
* Mouthguard (highly recommended especially for inverts)
* Running shoes
* Sunscreen
* Bathing suit and towel
* Rain gear
* Yoga mat or camping chair
* Water bottle (labelled)

Once you have registered, please update your availability in Team Snap, including where you will be staying, so folks can see who is attending each camp.  It's nice for the parents and athletes alike to know who will be there!

For additional information about water ramp camps please contact Natasha:<>