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Athletes learn and perfect skills on the trampoline before attempting them on snow. Trampoline training is offered through Spring Action Trampoline. Sessions run weekly in both the spring and fall.



Adults can have fun and learn new skills too!


Fortune Freestyle is excited to provide an Adult Freestyle Ski Program at Camp Fortune starting in 2020. 


It will be a great way to get to know people in the club and maybe even surprise the kids with a few new “tricks” of our own!      


Register now to have fun with other adults learning about Freestyle skiing.  No previous freestyle experience needed but you do need to be comfortable skiing on blue runs at Camp Fortune.


The Program                                                                                     

Introduction to Freestyle Skiing for Adults.

Includes multi-discipline skill development: Skiing Skills, Switch skiing, Moguls, Boxes & Rails, and Air.    

Based on Freestyle Canada's Fundamentalz Curriculum and building into Freestylerz programming and potential specialization - as per skills and interests of the participants.  



Tuesday Evenings from 6:30-9:30 for nine weeks starting January 7th to March 3rd



6:30-6:45 - meet and greet, connect with coach(es)                                                                     

6:45 Get ready to ski                                                                                      

7:00 On-snow warm up                                                                                

7:15 On-snow programming (breaks as needed for weather & energy)                                  

9:00 Debrief & wrap-up in the lodge followed by après ski / social time                                                                                 


You must purchase an athlete membership.  The basic club athlete membership of $50 is sufficient.  To buy your membership click here: Freestyle Ontario Memberships



$225 (lift tickets not included)

To Register:

Click here: Fortune Freestyle Winter 2019-2020


A great place to start for all new and upcoming freestylers!


Formerly Jumps and Bumps, these youth programs develop fundamental techniques for the terrain park and moguls. Learn to jump, ski the bumps and do tricks on boxes and rails.

Expert coaches keep it fun and safe as you learn technical skills and great moves. This program is for skiers who can comfortably ski all intermediate runs (blue runs at Camp Fortune).

Our Winter season training is offered either once a week (Saturdays or Sundays) or on both days starting January 11/12 until March 7/8. *Because Camp Fortune was closed Jan 11, our program will run January 18/19 to March 14/15 2020.

Training is 9:30 am-3:00 pm. 

Camp Fortune lift ticket is required and not included in our Program fee.


This year we are offering two optional four-day camps over Christmas holidays.

Camp 1 Christmas camp is December 27-30, 2019 

Camp 2 Christmas camp is January 2-5, 2020. 

Ontario March Break Camp is March 16-20, 2020

2019-2020 Pricing


Early Registration Pricing until December 8, 2018

Til Dec 08 / After Dec 8

Camp 1

Dec 27-30 2019


Camp 2

January 2-5, 2020


Both Camps with Weekend Training

Both Camps and Saturday and Sunday Training.

$830 / $865

One Camp with Weekend Training

One Camp and Saturday and Sunday Training.

$710 / $745

Both Camps with a One Day Training

Both camps with either Sat or Sun training.

$690 / $720

One Camp with a One Day Training

One camp with either Sat or Sun training.

$570 / $599

Two Day Weekend Training

Saturday AND Sunday training

$620 / $650

Single Day Training

Sat OR Sun training

$485 / $510

March Break Camp

March 16-20, 2020


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To Register click here


Are you an experienced freestyle skier with an interest in competition and advanced skill development? Learn more about the Fortune Freestyle D-TEAM!

What is D-TEAM?
D-TEAM is Fortune Freestyle’s development team. It is for athletes that want to train for both skill and performance development, including participation in provincial Timber Tour competitions (Timber Tour is Ontario’s competition series). The 2020 Timber Tour dates and locations are:

  • January 24 - 25: Slope/Slope @ Camp Fortune

  • January 31 – Feb. 2: Mogul/Mogul @ Calendon Ski Club

  • February 7 - 9: Slope/Slope @ Beaver Valley Ski Club

  • February 21 - 23: Mogul/Mogul @ Calabogie Peaks

  • February 27 – March 1: Provincials (Moguls/Dual Moguls/Slope/Pipe) @ Mt. St. Louis Moonstone

For additional information about the competitions please visit the Freestyle Ontario Timber Tour page. 


Fortune Freestyle has two D-team disciplines; slopestyle and moguls. Athletes can try-out for both disciplines, or may choose just one if they prefer!

Try-outs for athletes new to Fortune Freestyle or for those who missed the D-team assessments in the spring are Saturday, December 7th and Sunday, December 8th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Athletes must attend both days of the evaluations try-outs. If an athlete is unable to attend try-outs, they must contact Don Lewis ( Efforts will be made to accommodate, however, there is no guarantee the athlete will be considered.


Athletes who wish to try-out must send a brief bio (about one paragraph) to Don Lewis ( indicating why they believe they should be considered for the DTEAM. Write-ups should describe their commitment/passion for the sport and include training experience (in the sport and across disciplines), and demonstration of their commitment and desire to continue to learn and improve in the sport of freestyle. Write ups must be sent by December 1st so we can confirm numbers for the assessment days.

Athletes trying out for D-TEAM must be registered in both days (Saturday and Sunday) of the program.  They must also commit to attending two Timber Tour events.

•    Registered for dryland
•    Registered for trampoline 
•    Attended water ramp camps
•    Attended Air bag training (Maximize)


Athletes trying out for D-TEAM must be registered in both days (Saturday and Sunday) of the program. They must also commit to attending two Timber Tour events.


Base D-team Cost:
Try-out Cost: $55 - *fee covers costs of hiring coaches for the assessment days on Dec 15-16 (Cost recovery only). Please note that the board has decided to keep fees for the winter programs as low as possible and to ensure that any additional fees associated with specialized training (such as D-TEAM)
are recovered from the participants benefitting from the programs.

D-team athletes are required to register for both days of regular programming and are strongly recommended to register for both Christmas camps. To register for the coming ski season, please go to the registration page at Fortune Freestyle. Early Bird rates will be in effect until December 8.

Athletes must also purchase insurance through Freestyle Ontario: + CAN 3 Freestyle Canada Licence & Insurance, + Camp Fortune Lift Tickets;

Additional D-team Costs:
While the D-TEAM predominantly trains at Camp Fortune, some additional training at alternate hills/facilities should be expected. Additional costs for attending Timber Tours competitions include registration, lift tickets (usually discounted), travel and accommodations and are the responsibility of the athlete/family. Costs for coaching outside the regular program days (including coach travel expenses) are shared by all athletes participating and will be calculated and collected on an event-by-event basis. While it is difficult to predict the exact additional costs, a family should budget $600.00 to $1,000 per athlete. *A parent meeting will be scheduled once the d-team is estalished to review additional training and travel.

Skills needed:
The skills identified below are directly from Freestyle Canada. For additional information please
visit: Athletes considering trying out for the D-TEAM should be able to demonstrate that they have strong foundational skills and competitive readiness, both physically and mentally. Specifically, they need to be able to manage increased training hours and demonstrate they have the capacity to develop the skills to perform more difficult technical skills safely. Athletes should be able to consistently demonstrate the majority of the skills listed below on more difficult terrain (blue and black runs).

Technical skills:
• Carves ski edge through turns with steady timing.
• Ski switch with skis parallel and can move from forward to back with ease.
• Use turns to control speed

• Fully extended in jumps and able to maintain balance
• Can spin in both directions
• Confident lift on take-off and clean upright tricks with grabs
• Balanced landings

• Manages terrain park features and flow safely
• Rides boxes with control
• Rides rails with control

• Short radius turns with proper body position
• Good absorption with lower body
• Consistently shows a proper mogul stance

Coaches will provide every athlete with a summary of the skills they demonstrated at the end of
D-team try-outs. Athletes will be notified by email on Wednesday, December 11th if they are
being invited to join the d-team.

If you have any questions you can contact;
Don Lewis;


Fortune Freestyle offers private coaching (based on coach availability). 

Coach and Participant(s) must be current members of Fortune Freestyle, Freestyle Ontario & Freestyle Canada.

Options                                                                                          Cost                                                                                                                                                                                    

1-2 hour private lesson                                                                 $95                                                        

1/2 day (3 hours + preparation/planning)                                 $120                                                      

Full Day at Camp Fortune                                                             $195

Full Day at another local ski hill                                                   $195       + Lift ticket/expenses for coach*

Full Day outside Ottawa area (approved location)                   $215       + applicable expenses*

*As per Fortune Freestyle expense reimbursement policy.         


Contact the FF Program Director for bookings at:                   


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