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Fortune Freestyle Bump Off
5 March 2023

What is the Bump Off?

Our whole club is invited to the Bump Off (including recreational program, and competitive and high performance teams).


Please note: all participants in our recreational program are invited to attend the Bump Off, including participants registered for Saturday, only. 

The Bump Off will include fun activities (not just moguls) to show off your freestyle skills together with a bit of creativity. Dressing up (wacky/retro ski fashion) is encouraged - and a great part of the day!

More details will follow later this week. In the meantime, please confirm your availability in Teamsnap so that we know how many people will be attending and we can set up groups.


We will also need a few volunteers. Like the Freestylerz Festival, the volunteers will help with set up for the events, and help out as judges. Set up is quite minimal, and the judging is easy and fun. We will take a few volunteers in the morning and a few in the afternoon to divide up time and tasks. It will also be helpful to have someone take some pictures and video.

Please let Coach Colin know (through Teamsnap, or by e-mail to if you are available to help and if morning or afternoon works better for you (or if you available for the whole day).

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We need a coordinator for this event and volunteers.

Interested? Please email



All Fortune Freestyle athletes attend this event. 

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