Fortune Freestyle Bump Off

What is the Bump Off?


The Bump Off is a fun event meant to encourage all Fortune Freestyle athletes to come together for a friendly team based competition while their family cheers them on!

The Bump Off will take place at the end of the Fortune Freestyle Fundamentalz/Freestylerz 9 week program. Separate registration is not required – just watch for announcements.


Everyone is encouraged to join this fun celebration. Sharing a lunch together, honoring the Athlete of the Year and swag for the athletes makes this event an exciting way to end the season.

In 2020 we ran a contest for our youth to see who could come up with the most creative and best “Golden Palace Egg Roll Jump” in honour of our sponsor, Golden Palace Restaurant! You can see the video below!

Check out other highlights from 2020!

We need a coordinator for this event and volunteers.

Interested? Please email



All Fortune Freestyle athletes attend this event.