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Fortune Freestyle

Competitive Team (Formerly “D-Team”) Criteria






  • The Fortune Freestyle Competitive Team or (formerly referred to as the “D-Team”) prepares skiers to compete at the Provincial level (Timber Tour).

  • The Competitive Team program corresponds to the Train to Train stage of athlete development in Freestyle Skiing.

  • Criteria for the Competitive Team are intended to support safe and competent training for and participation in provincial Timber Tour events.

  • The Competitive Team training program requires strong foundational freestyle skills and competitive readiness, both physical and mental.  Skiers must have the capacity to compete safely and to manage the increased training load.

  • Skiers may join the Slope Competitive Team, the Mogul Competitive Team, or both.


Competitive Team invitations will be based on the following factors for each discipline:


  1. Expressed interest and commitment communicated by the athlete, with parental support, for the following:

    • Participate in X-mas camp and training on both Saturdays and Sundays during the winter season with the Competitive Team

    • Compete in at least 1 out of 3 Timber Tour weekend events, preferably 2 Timber Tour events or 1 Timber Tour plus an Axis or Interclub competition

    • Participation in Supplemental Programming:

      • Trampoline training – very important for all Competitive Team athletes

      • Airbag and water ramp training – recommended before joining Competitive Team, and vital for safe air skill progression after 1st season on Competitive Team

      • Dryland training or equivalent general fitness and multisport activities

    • Optional: Fitness training, pre-season on-snow training


2. Demonstrated skill level based on coach observation from regular ongoing training as well as formal assessment days:

Slopestyle – Skiing Skills

  • Can ski switch with skis parallel, and can move from forward to switch with ease

  • Uses turns to control speed

Slopestyle – Park features

  • Safely manage terrain park features & flow

  • Rides boxes with control

  • Able to hit a 30ft jump comfortably

  • Able to hit a small tabletop jump switch

  • all 4 way 180’s (comfort with takeoffs and landings both forward and switch)

  • 360 (for boys)

  • Clean upright tricks with grabs

  • Confident on takeoff, fully extended “pop” and balanced landings

Moguls – Skiing Skills

  • Parallel, short radius turns generally exhibiting proper body position, carving, rhythm and properly-timed pole plants

  • Use of turns to control speed

  • Good absorption with lower body in the moguls

  • Consistently shows proper mogul stance

  • Able to ski a 22O mogul course in a controlled manner, with skis parallel (e.g. Clifford level course)

  • Able to perform at least 2 different single jumps: minimum of spread and twister (or equivalent)

  • Confident on takeoff, fully extended “pop” and balanced landings

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