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Fortune Freestyle Airbag

Each spring (late March - April / early May) Fortune Freestyle is running an Airbag at Camp Fortune. 

The Airbag is open to all Freestyle Canada insured members (competitive and recreational) - and even athletes new to freestyle who want to join and give jumping a try.  

The Airbag is a fun activity for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Athletes get to jump onto a large inflatable airbag (crash mat). This allows for an environment that is safer for learning new tricks compared to jumping on snow. The Airbag is not just for athletes learning inverts (flips). You can learn and practice your uprights (spreads, daffys, twisters), and spins (360s, 540s, 720s). More experienced athletes can learn and practice more advanced tricks (corks, flat spins, flips, etc.).

It is fun for parents as well - enjoy the warm weather while watching the kids have fun.  More information can be found on the registration page.

General Program Information:

Freestyle Licenses: All participants will also be required to purchase their annual Freestyle license when they register. Participants in our spring Airbag will require a “Club Athlete” license ($90).  Coach licences are also accepted.  

COVID-19: Fortune Freestyle's programs will be run in accordance with the COVID-19 policies, rules and regulations prescribed by the government and in force at the facilities and ski areas where we train. For information on the policies, rules and regulations applicable at Camp Fortune, please visit the websites: Camp Fortune and the Province of Quebec

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

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