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Try Freestyle (Sapling Session) at Camp Fortune

Full weekend session (2 days) 4 & 5 March, for $90 for the two days.  The "Try Freestyle" licence ($25) is required.  


Registration link

What is a Try Freestyle (Sapling Session)?

Try Freestyle (Sapling Session) are Freestyle Ontario's series of regional "freestyle" skiing two-day clinics held across the province. 

The Try Freestyle (Sapling Session) target intermediate skiers ages 7 and up who want to improve their freestyle skills and have a blast while doing it. 


If any of the following apply to you (or the person you are looking on behalf of), register for the Sapling Session at Camp Fortune! 

  • You want to learn how to slide a box or rail, hit jumps, or fly through moguls but don't know how!

  • You want to learn from Ontario's best coaches and athletes

  • You're looking for a way to try out Freestyle Skiing

  • You want to hone in on your skills and take it to the next step

  • You want to be part of Ontario's best youth event series!

Try Freestyle (Sapling Session) held on 7 & 8 of January was a great success with some participants immediately joining the regular program. We are hosting another on 4-5 March registration below with reminders being sent out in our newsletter!   


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