Water Ramp and Airbag Schedule 2022

Fortune Freestyle runs water ramp and airbag camps where athletes can safely practice jumps on both trampoline and on skis jumping into a water (lake or pool) or onto an airbag.


This year Fortune Freestyle will be running camps at three facilities over the summer and into the fall:


The Horseshoe and Lac Beauport water ramps are very user-friendly and cater to athletes of all skill levels and disciplines (moguls and slope). These are both great venues for newer athletes trying their first ramp camp, as well as more experienced athletes working on flips and continuing to progress their skills. The Maximise airbag facility has somewhat larger jumps, with a landing on a sloped airbag. The facility tends to be best-suited for athletes who are comfortable with medium to large jumps or have previously jumped on an airbag (eg. the airbag at Camp Fortune) or water ramp.

Overall, all of  these camps run by Fortune Freestyle are welcoming to athletes of all abilities and, of course, a lot of fun!


More information regarding who should attend water ramp and airbag camps is provided below.


Schedule, Fees & Registration:

Water Ramp

2022 Water Ramp Schedule (locations as indicated)​​

  • July 1-2-3 (Canada Day long weekend): Lac Beauport

  • July 16-17-18: Lac Beauport

  • July 30-31-August 1 (August long weekend): Horseshoe

  • August 20-21-22: Horseshoe (note NEW dates & Location)

  • September 2-3-4 (Labour Day long weekend):Horseshoe (note NEW location)

2022 Water Ramp Pricing – Coaching Fees

                            Price        Price/Camp

One Camp          $300           $300 

Two Camps         $550           $275 

Three Camps      $825           $275 

Four Camps     $1,000           $250 

Five Camps      $1,125           $225

*Registration Link for Water Ramp*

Note that the above prices do not include facility fees. There is no facility fee for the Horseshoe facility for Fortune Freestyle athletes, as the fee is covered by a subsidy through Freestyle Ontario. The facility fee for Lac Beauport is $50/day/athlete + tax.   The link to register and pay the facility fee will be provided to participants the week before each camp

AirBag (Maximise)

2022 Airbag (Maximise) Schedule*

  • June 17-19 (please sign up on Teamsnap by 1st of June if you are attending)

  • July 15-16, (17 off), 18-19, (20 off), 21-22

  • August 12-13, (14 off), 15-16, (17 off), 18-19

  • September 2-5

  • October 1-2

  • October 15-16

* Note that while Maximise training has been organized as camps, depending upon the number of athletes participating, it should be possible for athletes to attend only a part (select days) of a camp

2022 Airbag Pricing – Coaching Fees

The coaching fees for training at Maximise will be the same in 2022 as 2021. 

  • 1 coaching day = $75/day

  • 5 coaching days = $350 for 5 day coaching package ($70/day)

  • 10 coaching days = $700 for 10 day coaching package ($70/day)

  • 15 coaching days = $975 for 15 day coaching package ($65/day)

  • 20 coaching days = $1300 for 20 day coaching package ($65/day)

*Registration Link for AirBag*

The above fees do not include the Maximise facility fees. Athletes will be required to register with Maximise and pay a facility fee for each day of training. A group rate is available for Fortune Freestyle athletes, please contact us via email to get more information on the price and process for payment.  For athletes who are new to the airbag, and/or may not have the endurance to jump for a full day, Maximise offers rates of $65/hr or $120 for 2 hours (plus taxes and fees) for the small jump.

Any unused Maximise coaching days left over from 2021 may be used this year. If you are unsure if you have any days left, please e-mail fortunefreestyle@gmail.com

Important Notes

  • All participants must have a valid freestyle licence. 2021-2022 licences expire as of June 30, and need to be renewed to participate in all camps/training occurring on and after July 1.  Further particulars will be provided once licence renewals are available later in June.

  • Athletes and parents are responsible for arranging and paying for athlete travel including accommodation. Chaperoning is not provided.

  • Registration for water ramp and airbag is not tied to particular camps / training days. As a result, all athletes must indicate their availability in Teamsnap (Rec Roster) to ensure that we know who is attending, secure the correct number of coaches for each training camp / training day, and advise the facilities of the number of athletes we will have training. You must indicate your availability in Teamsnap no later than two weeks prior to the first day of a water ramp camp or a Maximise training day (and by June 1 if you are attending the first Maximise days June 17-19). If you sign up less than two weeks before a camp or training day you may not be able to attend the training if we do not have sufficient coaching. Athletes who are signed up but do not attend, or change their availability from going to not going less than two weeks before the start of a camp or training day may be “charged” (i.e. lose credit) for the camp/day they are signed up for in the absence of adequate justification for not attending.  Please indicate your availability in Teamsnap at your earliest convenience and keep it up to date throughout the summer to assist Fortune Freestyle in offering the best and most cost effective summer programming possible.

  • The above schedule is subject to change, including as a result of changes in COVID restrictions, and having the minimum number of athletes registered for each date. As such, when booking accommodations, please carefully consider cancellation policies.

  • We will be ensuring that public health COVID guidelines are respected and enforced during the camps.  Parents are responsible to be informed about public health recommendations and to ensure their child understands them. More specific information about COVID measures at the camps will be shared closer to the date of the camps.

General Information

Who should attend ramp camps:

Fortune Freestyle Water Ramp and Airbag camps are perfect for any athlete looking for some summer freestyle fun!


Water ramp and airbag are great environments for athletes to work on all jumps – spins, uprights, etc. – not just flips 


For athletes who want to learn higher level jumps (e.g. flips, off-axis tricks – e.g. corks, flat spins, loops)  – water ramp or airbag is essential – as these tricks must first be learned, practiced and qualified on water ramp or airbag before the trick can be performed on snow. Athletes wishing to work on tricks which require qualification should plan on attending multiple camps over the course of the summer. If you have questions about the qualification process – please reach out to your coach or  Colin or Dillon.


In terms of basic skill level, athletes who are looking to try airbag or water ramp for the first time should:

  • be comfortable with medium-sized jumps. 

  • have a consistent take-off (pop) and be able to execute straight airs with solid landings on smaller jumps.

  • have the physical and mental stamina needed to train for a relatively long day. The training sessions are physically demanding; athletes are required to walk up the hill with their equipment, jump multiple times per session and engage in trampoline training in between jump sessions


Athletes will need:

General - Applicable to both Water Ramp and Airbag:

  • Ski Boots. Your normal ski boots will do – but they will get wet… 

  • Ski socks. Even though it is summer, most athletes wear socks in their boots. Because they get wet… it is nice to have a dry pair on hand if you do more than one ramp session in the day

  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved skiing helmet (not a bike helmet) with ear covers.

  • Mouthguard (recommended for inverts)

  • Sunscreen

  • Running shoes, yoga mat and thera band (if you have one) for warm up and cool down

  • Gloves. Required for Maximise and highly recommended for water ramp if athlete is doing grabs (to prevent cuts), but also desirable on colder days. Neoprene diving/aquatic gloves or water ski gloves work well for water ramp

  • Rain gear

  • Yoga mat or camping chair

  • Water bottle (labelled)

  • Wax (waxed skis run better on the ramps).  Even candle wax will work

Additional – Airbag (Maximise):

  • 1 or 2 pairs of skis. Skis can be similar to what you use on show (e.g. twin tips). Note that Maximise is very picky about equipment used on their airbag – your equipment will be closely inspected before you are allowed to jump. The skis must not be damaged in any way (no cracks/breaks in the edges, no delamination). The ski edges will be ground before use on the Maximise airbag (rendering them unusable on snow)

  • Gloves (there is a rope tow to assist with climbing… and also for grabs)

  • Elbow and knee pads – soft shell (e.g. G-force) not hard plastic like used for skateboarding. Maximise sells pads on site… but does not always have stock and it may be cheaper to purchase pads elsewhere. You are best to come prepared.

Additional – Water Ramp (Lac Beauport and Horseshoe):​

  • 1 or 2 pairs of older skis. Note that skis often break when water ramping, or sometimes get lost in the lake at Horseshoe – it is good to have an extra pair. Look for cheap second hand skis (e.g. on Kijiji). Mogul skiers will want skis similar to their regular mogul skis (same length or slightly shorter than what you use on snow, relatively narrow, preferably no binding risers or heavy mounting plates).  Skis with smaller surface area (narrower) make for softer impact on the water.

  • Lifejacket

  • Wetsuit. Optional, but definitely recommended for cooler weather. The water can be cold first thing in the morning on Labour Day Weekend ;)

  • Bathing suit and towel

  • Tethers (e.g. long shoe laces) to attach your skis to you when water ramping (so that you don’t lose your skis in the lake or pool!)


Where to stay:


Lac Beauport





For additional information about water ramp and airbag camps please contact Colin Ingram (colin.ingram@rogers.com) or Dillon Mallory (dvrmskier@gmail.com).