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Our youth development pathways are for Fortune Freestyle athletes that want to remain part of our community but are looking for alternatives to the typical recreational/competitive programs.  The pathways are for youth that have been a Fortune Freestyle athlete for a minimum of one year, and are between the ages of 14-17 that are looking for a more individualized approach to programming.  

The Pathways described below are not meant to be mutually exclusive and can be combined based on the athlete’s needs, our program capacity and needs.  Athletes may be asked to meet with the Program Director and/or the Fortune Freestyle Volunteer Support Person to discuss their needs/goals. 


Athletes interested in any of the pathways are encouraged to contact:

Fortune Freestyle Youth Development Pathways

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Recreational Pathway:

The recreational pathway is for any Fortune Freestyle athlete that is seeking to remain involved in the program but does not want to compete.  The athlete is seeking to remain with Fortune Freestyle to benefit from occasional specialized training opportunities (away training, air bag, water ramps), acquire volunteer hours and/or support program development (video /picture taking, blog/Instagram posts…). 

Competitive Pathway:

The competitive pathway is for Fortune Freestyle competitive athletes that want to continue to compete and train with the Fortune Freestyle but due to other commitments (school, work etc…) they are no longer able to commit to skiing both Saturday and Sunday.  Athletes that wish to have a reduced training schedule can contact to schedule a meeting to discuss their specific needs.

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