Our youth development pathways are for Fortune Freestyle athletes that want to remain part of our community but are looking for alternatives to the typical recreational/competitive programs.  The pathways are for youth that have been a Fortune Freestyle athlete for a minimum of one year, and are between the ages of 14-17 that are looking for a more individualized approach to programming.  

Competitive Pathway:

The competitive pathway is for Fortune Freestyle competitive athletes that want to continue to compete and train with the Fortune Freestyle but due to other commitments (school, work etc…) they are no longer able to commit to skiing both Saturday and Sunday.  Athletes that wish to have a reduced training schedule can contact fortunefreestyle@gmail.com to schedule a meeting to discuss their specific needs.

Recreational Pathway:

The recreational pathway is for any Fortune Freestyle athlete that is seeking to remain involved in the program but does not want to compete.  The athlete is seeking to remain with Fortune Freestyle to benefit from occasional specialized training opportunities (away training, air bag, water ramps), acquire volunteer hours and/or support program development (video /picture taking, blog/Instagram posts…). 


The athlete can chose to register for one day per weekend of the program and/or sign up for a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer work.  Athletes that commit to the volunteer hours but are not registered in the program, will be reimbursed the required associate membership fees.

Teaching Assistant Pathway:

The Teaching Assistant (TA) pathway is for athletes interested in becoming a club coach with Fortune Freestyle. The athlete is seeking to gain hands on experience under the supervision of a certified club coach and have a desire to improve. 


Fortune Freestyle can only accept a maximum of 3 athletes in the TA and/or coaching stream per season.

Eligibility to become a TA: 

  • Must be 14+

  • Like children

  • Punctual, responsible, and dependable

  • Must complete the “Making Headway” Freestyle Canada course.

  • Ability to commit to a minimum of 1 day per weekend (Saturday or Sunday) for the duration of the 9-week program.

  • The athlete will meet with the Program Director and/or Volunteer Support person to determine if the program is a good fit.  Acceptance to the program is based on age, skill level, length of time in the Fortune Freestyle program and ability to commit.

  • Take the fundamentalz/freestylerz coaching course


Teaching Assistant Cost:

The TA program fee is $500 and includes a season’s ski pass at Camp Fortune. 


If the TA is able to meet the commitments outlined below, the TA can receive $230 reimbursement for the seasons pass (will be purchased by Fortune Freestyle if accepted into the program).  An additional $250 reimbursement for coaching courses they have completed during that season (with proof of payment) is also available.  All reimbursement are provided at the end of the season upon completion of the program.

TA Commitment:

  • TA’s must uphold the club values (https://www.fortunefreestyle.com/vision-mission-mandate) and the coaching code of conduct (https://freestyleontario.ski/policy).

  • TA’s must arrive by 8:45 am, attend the coach morning meetings, and remain with their assigned group until 3:30 pm.

  • Unplanned absences must be reported to the Program Director.  Planned absence should be given 2 weeks in advance (i.e. family commitment, school activity).  

  • The TA cannot miss more than 4 days to be eligible for reimbursements.


Teaching Assistant Remuneration:

TA’s are considered volunteers, not workers or coaches, and are always under the supervision of a certified club coach.  However, they can receive volunteer hours. TA’s are also eligible to attend specialized training opportunities based on space/availability.  Fees for specialized training are collected after the training. Costs are divided equally amongst participants.  TA’s will receive feedback from the Coaches/Program Director at the mid-season point and at the end of the program.


This coaching pathway is a more direct entry into coaching for Fortune Freestyle athletes that remain in the recreational or competitive program but wish to transition into a club coach role the following year.  Athletes must be 15+ (calendar year) and provide an expression of interest to coach the following year. 


The expression of interest can be found at: https://www.fortunefreestyle.com/coach-with-us  


Athletes that have submitted an expression of interest and are accepted into the direct coaching pathway are eligible for coaching course reimbursements up to $500 for the season (with proof of payment).  


Judging Pathway:

Becoming a judge is a wonderful way to stay involved in the sport. 


Judges at sanctioned Freestyle Ontario events are compensated.  The 2019-2020 rate of pay is $150 per day + expenses (subject to change by FO at their discretion).  Remuneration is provided by Freestyle Ontario following the event judged. 


Athletes 15 years of age and older can attend judging clinics for slopestyle and/or moguls event judging. 

Judging clinics are free of charge but a Judging membership must be purchased upon registering. The 2019-2020 cost is $90 (cost is subject to change by Freestyle Ontario).  

Athletes can officially judge events if they are 16 years of age (calendar year).  However, they can volunteer in a Judge Assistant role in order to gain judging experience and earn Volunteer hours when they are 15 years of age (calendar year).


Athletes wanting to pursue the judging pathway should register their interest with the fortunefreestyle@gmail.com

For additional information about becoming a judge, please visit:



Additional Information:

The Pathways described above are not meant to be mutually exclusive and can be combined based on the athlete’s needs, our program capacity and needs.  Athletes may be asked to meet with the Program Director and/or the Fortune Freestyle Volunteer Support Person to discuss their needs/goals. 


Athletes interested in any of the pathways are encouraged to contact:


Fortune Freestyle Youth Development Pathways