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Trampoline Training

Get in shape for the winter!

Fortune Freestyle's partner Spring Action Trampoline will again be offering trampoline for freestyle athletes, which will take place at Laws of Motion. 

Trampoline is a great way for freestyle athletes of all levels (recreational and competitive) to improve their fitness and develop their acrobatic skills - with the benefit that you can also see some of your freestyle friends outside of the ski season... and it is a lot of fun. If you want to learn more advanced tricks (including any flips), trampoline is essential, as you must first learn and practice the skills on trampoline before 
progressing to water ramp or airbag, and finally to snow.
Particulars for fall trampoline are as follows:

             Spring Action's 2022 Fall Trampoline Programming for Freestyle Skiers

             Location: Laws of Motion.

             Start date: Sunday, Sept 25th

             Program length: 11 weeks in total (no classes on Thanksgiving weekend).

             Anyone interested in registering must complete the EXPRESSION OF

For further information, please contact Spring Action (

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